Solar Water Heater

General Description

The IUSA solar heater is a solar water heating system based on natural recirculation. It works as an alternative to your traditional gas heater and effectively converts solar radiation into calorific energy for heating water. Our copper recollecting system allows for a maximum transference of heat to the water containing cells, resulting in the availability of hot water without the need to use any kind of fuel, simply solar rays. Water is sent to the thermal tank by means of natural recirculation, where it is kept hot the entire day and night, and will distribute it to the inner hydraulic network of the house whenever it is required.

It is designed to provide hot water in any place where an alternative water heating system is required, such as residential houses, offices, buildings, hospitals, clubhouses, etc.

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IUSA Solar Water Heater

The IUSA solar heater is manufactured with materials that ensure durability and resistance to the environment and / or weather changes. We use our tubing and copper tape as solar energy absorbers. It has top quality thermal insulators, which keep the hot water perfectly insulated inside the thermal tank, which is then sent through our solar collector to the consuming points

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