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General Information

Delcop end feed capillary fittings are manufactured in accordance with EN 1254-1 (formerly BS 864: Part 2). The materials used in anufacture (copper, DZR brass and gunmetal) make them resistant or immune to dezincification. Delcop fittings are primarily designed for soft solder applications but, with the exception of Union fittings with copper tails, may also be brazed. As there are no relevant standards for waste fittings these are manufactured to our own exacting in-house specification. A range of accessories is also offered such as mats and cleaning brushes. All products enable the installer to meet the stringent conditions imposed by the Water Regulations.

Applications and Uses

Delcop fittings are used in a wide variety of domestic and commercial applications such as plumbing, heating, gas and refrigeration, fluid distribution, air pressure lines and air conditioning. The fitting’s simplicity, versatility and speed of installation makes it a popular choice with installers.

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Size Availability 6mm–54mm, suitable for connecting copper tubes in accordance with EN 1057 (formerly BS 2871: Part 1) and many other standards including ISO 274. For sizes above 54mm please ask for details about our Delbraze and Clyde ranges of brazing fittings and flanges up to 219mm in diameter.

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